Working in Finland

Finland has much to offer

So what does Finland have to offer workers from abroad? Why is it worth coming to Finland?

Finland can offer good, high-quality working conditions, employees have a secure status, children and adolescents enjoy good educational opportunities, public services run smoothly and we have many successful, internationally respected companies.


As a rule, provisions regarding pay, working time, employment protection as well as health and safety at work are applied in the same way on all those work- ing in Finland.

Similarly, employers are obliged to pay pension, social security, unemployment security and accident insurance contributions for both foreign and Finnish employees.

All employees have the right to equal treatment. Employers must not discriminate against anyone on the basis of gender, descent, ethnic or national origin, nationality, religion, age, health, disability, political activ- ity, trade union activity or other corresponding reason.

Work hours and holidays

In most cases, working hours in Finland total eight hours a day and approximately forty hours a week. However, there is some sectoral variation. Issues including the amount of overtime work and many other issues are strictly controlled by specific rules and regulations.

Holidays accrue for employees at the minimum rate of two holiday days for each month providing entitlement to holiday. In most cases, the majority of annual holi- day days are taken during the summer, leaving approxi- mately a week for the winter.


In comparison with many other European countries, the level of taxation in Finland is moderate. Tax reve- nue is used to pay for services of an internationally high standard, including healthcare, education and security as well as care for children and the elderly.



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