About us

Medipro Finland is a company specializing to recruiting dentists. We are a young and passionate company and we are willing to show you, that with our help, employee and the employer has a great opportunity to

Our main task is to bring qualified dentists to work in Finland. We will provide our employees with 6 months of free language school. We will continue to teach the language in Finland.
We believe that a satisfied employee is able to produce a better service, which in turn leads to growing business performance. This is why we invest in our employee’s well being. Our job is to help them, so that they can concentrate fully on their work and thus increase your business just like you.

A good dentist must respect the client and it shows best in costumer service. Language training will be focused on specific customer skills and their development. We also teach the Finns, characterized by ways to make they feel as comfortable as possible. The company also offers other services for dental practices to facilitate the business of everyday life. The actual results in addition on low cost, under warranty maintenance of handpieces, as well as marketing services. Productive customer relationship starts in customer service!

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