Welcome to MediPro Finland Oy
From this page you will find important information about working on MediPro Finland Oy

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Why work for us?

  • One of the Europeans best salaries
  • We take care of our employees
  • Free language studies
  • We will help you to integrate to Finland
  • Finland is a good country for dentist´s
Why work for us?
  1. For us, employees are most valuable asset and for that reason we cherish our staff.
  2. We will offer you a dental consultation and language studies for free.
  3. Money, money, money, we will help you earn!
How to proceed
Use “leave your application” page. Fill all the needed information, remember to put all of your contact information! We will contact you with E-mail or Skype at the beginning.  
Wait for us to contact you, we contact you in 1-3 days with e-mail, in the mean time, look more info from “frequently asked questions” and “Working in Finland page”.  

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